About us


Rosbaco & Partners 




We have experience in the construction market along over 30 years developing real estate projects and investments.


Here we are, within the Real Estate market, focusing on business opportunities and developing new real estate and real estate investment projects.


We aim at innovation and quality in construction so that each brand-new apartment has everything related with you: first-class buildings, avant-garde architecture, all the amenities and functionality so that you can lead the life you want in the neighborhood you like the most in the north corridor of the City of Buenos Aires.


Invest in the real estate projects that suit you. Invest in your next apartment, in installments and in pesos with flexible financing.

Who we are

We are a business group made up by 5 vertically integrated companies




Concrete Mixer


We offer a value chain that makes us stand out in the real state sector and generates competitive advantages.

Time management

Guarantee of quality

Best Costs

  • 13 buildings under construction

  • 1,000 units delivered

  • 42 buildings finished

  • +50 million dollars invested

  • 35,000 m2 of salable surface

  • 30,000 m2 in Purchase process

  • 6,400 m2 gross

  • 4,900 m2 salable

We accompany you in each stage of the process of real state investment

Cuando hay que comenzar de cero, podés contar con nosotros. Te acompañamos en cada instancia de un nuevo proyecto inmobiliario con el objetivo de garantizar la más alta calidad de bienes raíces, sencilla y transparentemente.

  • 1Land Purchase Management
  • 2Architecture Project
  • 3Municipal Management
  • 4Work Management
  • 5Building
  • 6Commercialization
  • 7Post-Sales Service

Our Values


Quality Architecture


Community Development


Environmental Care

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